Skunks, Raccoons, Possums

Skunks, raccoons, and possums are usually a problem that goes hand and hand with having pets because there is typically an available food source in the form of pet food that draws them to your home. Skunks are territorial and when they become entrenched in a harborage somewhere nearby and are unlikely to leave on their own. The way we handle skunks, raccoons, and possums is by trapping and releasing them in an areas approved by the city. Trap setup is $150; then $50-$75 per animal trapped regardless of the kind of animal. So, for example, if you have skunks and raccoons but you only want to get rid of the skunks and we end up trapping your raccoons first then the same charge applies per animal. The same charge applies to feral cats; I may have to relocate several feral cats to get at the target species. Costs for catching feral cats can be defrayed by the customer; more on that when we chat by phone. While we obviously want to trap the target pest there are instances in which one must remove non-target animals to get at the nuisance animal of concern. Call VERIKILL 858-583-3069 to get rid of your unwanted critters.

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