Few insects evoke the disgust that cockroaches do especially the small brown German cockroach which commonly infests kitchens in both the residential and commercial environment. While we handle all cockroach problems, indigenous to California, like those seen typically outdoors e.g. the Oriental and American cockroach; the focus of our investigation will be on the one most commonly seen in the home or work place, the German cockroach. Call 844 TOO-KILL to kill your roaches.


Cockroaches have been around over four hundred million years and will probably still be here long after man is extinct. German cockroaches have been, by far, the most successful of these species because the female carries her young in a protective egg case called the ootheca one or two days before they are ready to hatch. As opposed to other species which deposit or attach their egg case to an object as soon as the case is fully formed, thus, leaving the young vulnerable to predators for many days prior to hatching. Each ootheca can contain as many as 50 young. Another reason the German cockroach is so successful is that under ideal circumstances they can live up to a year. Within that time frame a female can gestate as many as four times, potentially producing 200 young from a single female. German cockroaches prefer warm humid spaces to call home, therefore, they are commonly found around refrigerator compressor motors and unseen locations where food and organic debris accumulate. However, they can be found anywhere and if left untreated everywhere in a home or business.

Treatment Strategy

When formulating a treatment strategy there is no fixed approach because it depends on the nature of the infestation, the environment in which they are found, and the unique needs of the customer. Usually the solution for medium size infestations is treatment with wet pesticides and insecticidal dust. For more severe infestations the approach will include use of flushing agents to get the roaches running over the awaiting wet pesticide. For low infestations, baits may be the most effective and appropriate method of treatment. We’re the experts; we will let you know what strategy best fits you after factoring in your unique circumstances. Usually an infestation will involve at least two treatments within two weeks of each other, with a quarterly follow up for one year thereafter. Included in our service are explicit instructions on how you can make changes that will help prevent re-infestation.

An interesting bit of trivia: what is the German cockroach called in Germany? The Germans call it the French cockroach. It appears that the naming of this species of cockroach was influenced by the politics of its era; even bugs have their political detractors.


Need to get rid of some pesky roaches. We can do that! Say GOODBYE CUCARACHA!
Each roach killing treatment should take about an hour to complete. This price is for a small building (4 bedrooms/offices/rooms maximum). IF you have something bigger to handle please contact us for special pricing.

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