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My three kids and me the guy you’re doing business with

I’m the big guy up front, now 60 pounds lighter than I was then. You probably already guessed that but you might be asking yourself-who is it I am about to be doing business with? I am first and foremost a single father of three and grandpa of two. My children from left to right John 28, Me (Richard aka Rick) 52, my oldest son Micah 30, and my beautiful daughter Kirstin 23. The beautiful baby is my granddaughter Alaina, now 6 and since I constructed this website there’s been a new addition to the family, Adrianna age three.

I began my first pest control company under another name in 1999, shortly afterward some circumstances in my personal life forced me to shut down that company and begin a new one VERIKILL. I have been in business since 2002. I have serviced both residential and commercial interests in San Diego generally, the beach areas including north county and downtown every since. I live in the Mission Bay area so my business spiderwebs out from my home and office there.

Beautiful Alaina

I started my company as a means to support myself and raise my children; whom I raised as a single father with the support of family and friends. However, pest control is not my first love but has been more of means to an end which has been to raise my children and finish my post graduate education. Science is my mistress and first love. My goal in life is to leave behind a legacy in the form of beneficial research and service to my community. So if you want to do a lot good for yourself because I offer a great service at reasonable prices and for your community because I am focused on the betterment of the world we live in; then you need look no further, you have found the man and company that will best accomplish both ends.

When I graduated from San Diego State University my favorite nephew Mathew gave me a pen inscribed with this phrase “Do Good Things.” If I have learned anything, it is that no one makes it in this life without the help of others. I hope I will someday get the honor of helping the person reading this with their pest control needs. Pest control has been my trade for over 20 years now; I look forward to meeting you.

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